PointsBet claims to be the fastest bookmaker in the US. Launched in 2019, you can find PointsBet Sportsbook in South Carolina and many other states across the US. Read on to find out all you need to know about PointsBet Sportsbook in SC.

About PointsBet Sportsbook in South Carolina

Originally launched in Australia, PointsBet prides itself on having the fastest and most user-friendly app for iOS and Android users. This online sportsbook also claims to provide the most betting markets on all the four top sports in the US- NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL. In fact, this bookmaker offers more than 1,000 markets per NBA game. This article also answers the question, ‘is Pointsbet legal in South Carolina.

Owned by Pointsbet Holdings of Australia, this app entered the US market shortly after the Supreme Court struck down PASPA. The first market of this bookmaker was New Jersey in 2019, and since then it has expanded to other states as well.

PointsBet has a unique proposition for its players, which is PointsBetting This betting system rewards players based on how much correct their wagers on a particular match are.

A licensed sportsbook, Pointsbet encourages responsible online gambling among the player community. If you, or someone you know, is battling gambling addiction, please consult one of the various resources provided in the bottom of the homepage.

Can I legally bet with Pointsbet Sportsbook in South Carolina?

No, you cannot bet legally on Pointsbet Sportsbook in South Carolina. Unlike other states in the United States, SC doesn’t allow any form of gambling, including online sports betting.

Senator Lindsey Graham from this state has always opposed betting and gambling in all forms in South Carolina. On the other hand, Senator Brad Hutton supports legalizing sports betting in South Carolina.

Players living in South Carolina can, however, participate in Daily Fantasy Sports. Also known as DFS, players create virtual teams and compete against each other.

How to sign up for Pointsbet Sportsbook in South Carolina

Register with Pointsbet in South Carolina by clicking the SIGN UP button located in the top right corner of the screen. Choose the correct state, in this case, South Carolina, and note the promo code. Enter your name, email ID and a few other details. Your sign-up name must match the name printed on your driver’s license. Finally, agree to all the terms and policies of this sportsbook and then click JOIN.

Different Pointsbet bonus & promo offers in South Carolina

There are several Pointsbet betting bonuses and promo offers in South Carolina. Some of them are:

  • Risk free bets – Every new player gets two risk-free bets for a certain amount. This refundable amount is divided into two parts. The first part comes to players if they lose their first Fixed Odds Bet. The second portion of this risk-free wager comes when punters lose their first PointsBetting wager. A risk-free bet offer doesn’t run with any other Pointsbet promotion. Only players who are twenty-one and above can use this offer. Claim this promotion by clicking Free Bets in the accounts section.
  • Cash out on every game – In this feature, players can collect some of their winnings and settle bets early. Gamblers also have the option to save some of their stake which is lost in a game. A PointsBet feature gives players the flexibility to select how much money to cash out early. Players can also leave out the rest to finish their bets. To use this promotion, go to PENDING BETS, and then select CASH OUT. Now use the slider to adjust the money you want to cash out.
  • Pointsbet same game parlay – The Same Game Parlay is available for all NCAAB, NFL and NBA games.
  • Parlay Boost – The parlay boost allows punters to boost their personalized parlays twice a day. Each day, you can boost a traditional parlay. You can use the other boost on a single game parlay. Please note, you will get one Single Game Parlay Booster and one Traditional Parlay Booster every day. Remember that boosters don’t carry over the next day, so use your available Booster every single day. There is only one additional requirement that the parlay must have at least three legs. You can apply your parlay booster to any sport or market that you like.
  • Refer a friend – Make use of your network and get additional rewards from Pointsbet. Refer your friend to Pointsbet and get a free bet from PointsBet Sportsbook. Here’s how you can claim this offer. Go to your My Accounts section, and copy the unique URL there. Share it with your friend, and if they deposit, you and your friend receive a free bet.
  • Name a bet – Now players can request to see any bet directly on the app. Go to the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click it, and scroll down to the ‘Name a Bet’ and request any market that you want to see. Please note Pointsbet can decline your request without assigning any reason.
  • Pointsbet rewards – The more you bet, the more you earn. Later, exchange all your reward points with free bets. If you are using the app, touch the ‘v’ on your right. Else, touch your email address. Now Hit ‘Rewards’ to check your balance.
  • Good Karma Kommittee – Since its inception in 2019, Pointsbet has set up a Good Karma Kommittee that refunds all customers in cases of bad bets. This initiative was the result of a blown pass interference call in an NFC championship match. In December 2020, this bookmaker set up personal good karma payouts. This scheme allows all players to pick one bet which hurts them the most in a given month. Players can claim a refund up to $100 according to this scheme.
  • Live free bets – Pointsbet Sportsbook also gives free bets to its players. However, these live bets must be placed on specified matches. PointsBet Sportsbook in South Carolina also offers several promos during the Superbowl, thereby providing significant value to its players.
  • VIP programs – Pointsbet has also instituted a special VIP program for its members. This program has two levels – Diamond and Platinum. Members of Platinum receive several benefits, such as augmented referral bonuses, free bets, and top-ups. These benefits become more attractive when a member reaches the Diamond level. Here, he receives a dedicated on-call host, enhanced deposit top-ups, birthday gifts and tickets to special events.

Pointsbet Sportsbook South Carolina app review

Players can use the Pointsbet sports betting app in SC easily. It has an intuitive user interface and always shows the top sports available for betting.

User interface

Pointsbet has created a sleek and stylish app for gamblers. Though the main colors are red and black, players can read and locate all the information on the app. This color design imparts an atmospheric feel to this sportsbook’s app. Players can use either English or Spanish on this betting platform.

Punters can easily explore this app by clicking the navigation menu. This way, gamblers can find all the sports listings, betting markets, odds and so on. Players can also read about the company, FAQs, and other details by scrolling to the bottom of this app.

Pointsbet also has a side menu, which helps players do the following things:

  • browse sports alphabetically,
  • try out a quick parlay,
  • view recent promotions
  • and change odds preferences.

Click the menu bar to your left and see the various tabs:

  • Home
  • Promos
  • Live
  • Streaming
  • Net Up
  • Quick Parlay
  • Sports A-Z

There are specific match-related tabs in this section. These are:

  • Rangers @ Blues
  • NCAAB Futures and others.

How to download on iPhone

Go to the Apple Play Store, locate the official app, and click Install. Make sure the app’s technical requirements match your device. Players should also have adequate space in their device before installing the Pointsbet sportsbook app.

How to download on Android

You can download this betting app on your phone in two ways.

  • Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and begin installing this app.
  • Go to Google Play Store, locate the official app, and click INSTALL.


Currently, there are more than 9,000 reviews about Pointsbet on the Apple Play Store. Most of these reviews are positive in nature, and the average rating is 4.5. Players have commented on this app’s usability, game, betting markets, odds and other key features.

Difference between app and website

The Pointsbet app and website are user-friendly and have the same features. Both versions offer the same bonuses and rewards to the players. You can launch the Pointsbet website through several browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Online casino

PointsBet is one of the few betting apps that also have an online casino. This feature is helpful to all those who are gradually transitioning from online casinos to sports betting. However, the PointsBet casino has only a handful of games, such as slots and table games.

Another interesting point to note is this sportsbook’s PointsBet wallet. You can use this wallet on the sportsbook as well as the casino. Please note this wallet is location dependent. Therefore, if you are using this wallet in South Carolina, it would work in this state only and not elsewhere.

Players can place bets on assorted games and sports through this bookmaker. These sports are:

  • Basketball (WNBA, NBA, NCAAB, International)
  • Aussie Rules
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Curling
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • eSports
  • Football- (NCAAF, NFL, and others)
  • Golf
  • Greyhounds
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Squash
  • Snooker
  • Surfing
  • Winter Sports
  • Rugby Umion
  • Rugby League, and others

Bets available on Pointsbet Sportsbook

This bookmaker offers more betting options on NFL and NBA than any other sportsbook in the world. These options are:

  • Half time/full time.
  • First scorer.
  • Team totals.
  • Spreads.
  • First player to score.
  • First team to score.
  • Will one time be ahead the entire game?
  • Quarterback completion percentage.
  • And many more.

In fact, you can participate in more than 1,000 different betting markets on this platform.

What is Pointsbetting?

An integral feature of this sportsbook is its Pointsbetting feature. In this feature, players can maximize their returns until the last second of the game. This system does not use fixed odds to calculate your risk and payout. Instead, the Pointsbetting system takes into account how far the actual result is from the projected number. which could be a total or a spread.

Here are a few examples:

  • If your bet wins by 5 points, you win 5x your stake.
  • On the other hand, if your bet loses by five points, your loss would be 5x your bet value.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods on Pointsbet Sportsbook in SC

Since its launch, PointsBet Sportsbook has done very well in the sportsbetting industry. In fact, Pointsbet is one of the very few bookmakers that offer spread betting as an option. If you are planning to claim a Pointsbet promo code in South Carolina, it is important to be aware of the various banking options available.

How to make a deposit

1. Launch the PointsBet website or app.
2. Sign in to your account.
3. Click on Deposit and enter your amount.
4. Connect your payment gateway with your account.
5. Remember to claim your welcome bonus with any Pointsbet promo code that you may have received.

Deposit methods

  • Debit and credit cards.
  • Prepaid cards.
  • Online banking.
  • PayNearMe.
  • PayPal.
  • ACH/echeck.

How to withdraw

There are three ways to withdraw your money from PointsBet Sportsbook in South Carolina:

1. Online banking

Please follow the same process as in the Deposit section. There are more than 2,000 banks to choose from and all online banking activities are safe and secure. Besides, there is no limit to how much you can withdraw.
The standard withdrawal time is between 1-3 business days.
Some top banks are Chase, Bank of America, PNC Bank, and so on.

2. PayPal

Please note this withdrawal option will appear only if you have deposited funds using PayPal. All PayPal withdrawals are processed between 1- 2 business days.
There is no maximum amount you can withdraw using PayPal. On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal limit is $5.

3. ACH/ echeck

This option is available in Withdrawals> ACH/ echeck. Please enter your details correctly for quick withdrawals. The normal processing time ranges between 2 and 5 business days.

Members can also withdraw cash from a few physical locations.
Please note that all the options above are secure and protect your payments at all times. The reason is that these gateways work with SSL and other advanced technologies.

SSL stands for Secure Server Layer technology, and it covers all the data under a virtual tunnel. This is how betting sites, such as PointsBet secure your data. That said, please use private Wi-Fi while placing bets. This way, you will protect your data from others.

Pointsbet Sportsbook Customer Service SC

Customers can contact Pointsbet South Carolina via e-mail and live chat. Click the email tab to send a message to the sportsbook directly, and without having to enter your Gmail or other account. Most of the time, the emails are responded to within 24 hours.

Players can also contact this sportsbook by clicking the Live Chat tab. Enter your name, email address and your message, and a customer agent will quickly contact you. The replies are short and to the point. In some cases, the customer agent also gives supplementary answers.

About the player protection program

Pointsbet also has a Player Protection Program for all its players. When you initiate a conversation with the customer agent, you will receive a ticket number and a copy of your chat transcript. Use this document while escalating your issue to a higher authority.


Can I bet on squash on PointsBet Sportsbook in SC?

Yes, you can bet on squash on PointsBet Sportsbook in South Carolina. You will find many of the mainstream sports such as football, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, etc. but also many less popular sports like badminton too. Betting markets are the various outcomes in a given match that you can place bets on. For example, in a football match, you can place bets on the top goal scorer, which player will score the maximum goals, and so on.

What has the best odds in South Carolina- Pointsbet or DraftKings Sportsbook?

PointsBet Sportsbook offers all the standard betting lines and odds to its players. PointsBet Sportsbook also provides some unique point betting options to gamblers. Not only this, it also links its special bonus codes to the unique odds so that its players get the best deal. In sports such as NHL, Hockey and Basketball, it was found out that Pointsbet offered consistently strong betting odds over DraftKings.

Can I bet on Pointsbet Sportsbook in SC if I'm 19?

No, you should be at least twenty-one at the time of creating your Pointsbet account. Players who lie about their age can be reported to federal or state authorities. Any earnings of such players can be forfeited as well. Please note Pointsbet can verify your personal details through third-party agencies.