If you are a bettor and new to Trustly betting sites in South Carolina, you will undoubtedly want to understand how the payment method works. For this reason, we have created this comprehensive guide to discuss the topic. We will explain what Trustly is, how to use it, and its pros and cons. Towards the end of the guide, you will also find several alternatives to the payment method, and we will answer some common questions bettors may have.

Why choose Trustly for betting sites in SC?

Trustly is one of the popular banking methods that players can use when playing at South Carolina betting sites. Several things make the banking method a good choice, ranging from the fast processing speed to high-end security. And the good thing is that the payment method is easy to use. With that said, let’s jump right into our comprehensive Trustly betting sites guide.

What is Trustly & how does it work?

Trustly is an online real-time payment method for banks. It works as an intermediary between customers and merchants, allowing them to make payments securely without issues. The payment method was founded in 2008 and currently has over 1 billion users worldwide. It supports several financial institutions in America, which means you can fund your South Carolina betting account without having to enter your banking details each time.

Several things make Trustly a good payment option for SC players to use. First, it uses high-end and state-of-the-art security technologies and protocols to ensure that players’ money is safe at all times. Besides that, the processing of transactions using the banking option is pretty fast, and the fees are relatively lower than that of most other options.

In addition, Trustly has flexible limits, making it the perfect payment method for high rollers and players that love to stake low amounts. In fact, in 2015, the payment provider created a unique gambling solution, Pay N Play, that eliminates the need for the tedious registration process at supported betting sites. South Carolina bettors using the options can also keep track of their transactions, helping them gamble more responsibly.

How to Deposit to a Sportsbook in South Carolina with Trustly

Depositing with Trustly at SC sportsbooks is pretty easy. First, you need to find a betting site in South Carolina that accepts the banking method and register with it. If you choose a good sportsbook, the registration process should be easy and fast. You will be required to provide your name, email address, phone number, and a few other basic details.

After creating an account with an SC sportsbook and activating it, click on the Deposit button in your My Account settings. This will take you to a page where you will see a list of all the deposit options the betting site accepts. From the list, choose Trustly as your preferred option and enter the amount you want to deposit. You will then be redirected to Trustly’s payment platform, where you can select your bank, sign in to your bank account and authenticate the transaction.

Once you complete the transaction, you can expect the funds to appear in your betting account within a minute. Below is a step guide to using Trustly to fund your South Carolina sportsbook account.

1. Pick a sportsbook in South Carolina that accepts Trustly as a payment method.
2. Create an account with the sportsbook.
3. Click on the Deposit button and choose Trustly as your preferred deposit method.
4. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
5. Choose your Bank or Financial Institution.
6. Log in to your bank account and authorize the transaction.

A good thing about Trustly betting accounts in SC is that you can always save your details, so you won’t need to link your bank account each time you want to fund your betting account.

Withdrawing via Trustly from a SC sportsbook

The withdrawal process at Trustly betting sites in South Carolina is even more straightforward. All you need to do is log in to your sports betting app and click on the Withdraw button, usually in the My Account section. This will take you to the cashier page, where the available payout methods will be displayed. Choose Trustly as your preferred withdrawal option and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

After that, you will need to select your banking provider and be redirected to the Trustly website. The next thing is to sign in to your online bank account and complete the transaction. Your winnings will appear in your account within 1-2 days, so long you follow the process correctly. To avoid issues concerning withdrawals, make sure you read the terms and conditions of your betting site and abide by them.

Here is a step guide to withdrawing winnings to your Trustly account.

1. Log in to your betting account.
2. Choose Trustly as your withdrawal method.
3. Specify how much you want to withdraw.
4. Sign in to your online bank account.
5. Complete the withdrawal transaction.

Pros and cons of using Trustly on betting sites in South Carolina

Trustly has many good points, unfortunately there are a few downsides to using Trustly on betting sites. Check out our pros and cons list below:


Several advantages come with using Trustly at SC online casinos and sportsbooks. First, it is a fast and secure payment method. Deposit transactions are processed instantly, and withdrawals do not take long. In some cases, you may even get your winnings within a few minutes or hours.

As for security, Trustly uses state-of-the-art and high-end security protocols and technologies to safeguard users’ money and details. In addition, when you use the option at South Carolina betting sites, you won’t need to provide your banking details to betting operators. This means you can rest assured that the money in your bank account is completely safe.

Another benefit of this payment method is the low fees. Trustly does not charge customers fees for using its service. And if you play at top SC gambling sites, you may not need to pay any fee either. However, note that some betting operators charge small fees for processing Trustly transactions, especially withdrawals. This fee is usually low, around 3%. You can check the banking page or terms and conditions of an online gambling platform to see if fees apply to deposit or payout transactions.

Here are some pros of playing at SC betting sites that accept Trustly.

  • Fast and secure
  • Keep bank details private
  • Low fees


Despite the many benefits of using Trustly, it is not without drawbacks. The major drawback is that not all betting sites in South Carolina accept the payment method. Thus, you may need to use alternative methods in some cases. Besides, not all banks allow users to connect to their bank accounts with Trustly. So if your bank is not on the list of supported banks, you may be unable to use the method.

Below is a recap of the drawbacks of Trustly.

  • Not all betting sites accept Trustly
  • Trustly is not connected to all banks

Trustly alternatives for online sportsbooks in SC

As we’ve mentioned in the previous section, there may be situations where you cannot use Trustly at South Carolina sportsbooks. In such cases, there are several alternatives to using. You can check the payments page of your betting site to see all the available banking options.

That said, here are a few alternatives to Trustly for gambling.

  • Venmo betting sites – Venmo is a payment service that is specific to Americans. It allows users to make and receive online payments with ease. All you have to do is set up a Venmo digital wallet after downloading the payment app on your iOS or Android device and request or make payment.
  • Neteller betting sites – Neteller is another e-money transfer service used to perform online transactions. You can create a Neteller wallet, fund it and use it at SC online casinos and sportsbooks. The method is also available to withdraw winnings, and its fees are quite low. Besides, you can obtain a Net+ card that allows you to withdraw money at ATMs and perform other transactions.
  • Discover Card betting sites – Discover card is a credit card brand in the US and is available to South Carolinas. It has been around since 1985 and can be used for funding and withdrawing winnings at sportsbooks. The fees associated with using the option are quite reasonable, and the processing speed is fast.


Is Trustly a safe method for depositing on betting sites in SC?

Yes, it is. Trustly uses advanced security technologies and policies to protect users’ money. Besides, you won’t be entering your banking details on a gambling site when you use this payment method. With Trustly, you can also enjoy faster processing of transactions and lower fees.

Why Don’t All Online Sportsbooks in SC offer Trustly as a Deposit Method?

This can be due to several reasons. First, not all sportsbooks may see the necessity for accepting Trustly since they have other banking options. Besides, they might not have passed the requirements to be registered on Trustly. It could also be that they do not have an account with a bank available on the payment method.

Is Trustly a US Company?

No. Trustly is owned by a Swedish fintech company called Trustly Group. The payment method was founded in 2008, and it has been servicing several European countries and the US. If you want to know more about the payment operator, you can check the Our Story section on Trustly’s About Us page.