In this article, we will be taking a look at how you can withdraw and deposit from your favourite PayNearMe betting sites in South Carolina. As well as taking a look at some pros and cons.

About PayNearMe

The main aim of PayNearMe is to make payments easier. Their target markets were businesses and government agencies that wanted to accept cash from under-serving customers at retail locations.

Since then PayNearMe has diversified its products to include electronic payments, debit and credit cards and ACH payments. You will find that many betting sites in South Carolina use PayNearMe.

How to deposit on an online sportsbook in South Carolina with PayNearMe

When depositing money into your online sportsbook account please ensure that you follow these steps:

1. Sign up with PayNearMe.

It’s important to know that your online sportsbook vendor should provide PayNearMe as a deposit option in order for you to use it. Creating a personal account with PayNearMe if you are not a business or government organization is not possible at this time.

2. Find a betting site in South Carolina that accepts PayNearMe.

Finding an online betting site that accepts PayNearMe is easy, as all you have to do is go to the online sportsbook vendor of your choice and check out their deposit methods. You can easily find these in the FAQ section. You can also get in contact with an agent or send an email depending on the contact options the casino may have. You can also find the best PayNearMe betting sites on the top of this page.

3. Fill in your details and use PayNearMe to deposit.

Once you have chosen your online sportsbook vendor you can go ahead and make your first deposit. All you need to do is go to the deposit page and opt for PayNearMe as a deposit method. Please note that there are different types of ways to deposit using PayNearMe and that the method you use may be subject to what your vendor has chosen.

To use the bank card or credit card method you will need to enter your account details. Please ensure that you review your payment details to ensure accuracy. After entering your payment details enter the amount you wish you to deposit and submit your payment.

The PayNearMe bar code method

To conduct cash transactions please use the barcode which your online sportsbook vendor will provide. You can scan the barcode at a local payment location. Upon scanning your barcode you can then make your deposit. You will receive a receipt as proof of payment. Participating PayNearMe stores include 7-Eleven®, Family Dollar® and Casey’s General Stores®.

Please note that you can display the barcode on your mobile phone or alternatively display it on a printed payment slip. You can also produce a PayNearMe card. Please ensure that you contact your online sportsbook vendor if you encounter any problems or need assistance.

How to withdraw from a SC betting site with PayNearMe

Withdrawing from your online sportsbook vendor in South Carolina using PayNearMe is simple as there are many betting sites that accept PayNearMe. Come with us as we take a look at them.

Unfortunately, withdrawing from your online sportsbook vendor to your PayNearMe account is not possible. The only possible option for withdrawal is the ATM method.

How to withdraw cash from PayNearMe at an ATM

The first thing you need to do when withdrawing from your betting site is to go to the withdrawal page and choose PayNearMe as a withdrawal option. From there please ensure that you input your mobile number and the cash-out amount.

Once the betting site has approved your request you will receive two SMSs that will confirm your withdrawal. The SMSs will also contain your order number and the AMTs that you can withdraw from.

Once you get to the ATM of your choice you will need to input your cell phone number, the withdrawal amount, the four-digit order number and the four-digit pin which was sent with the order confirmation. Please ensure that you do not share these details with another person.

PayNearMe pros and cons for online betting in South Carolina

Like many payment and withdrawal options in South Carolina, there are pros and cons. Here are a few that we’ve found about using PayNearMe in South Carolina.


  • Information is private.
  • Available 24/7 – With PayNearMe you are able to make payments and withdraw at any time.
  • Safe – PayNearMe will treat your information with care and ensure that your sensitive information is not does not fall into the wrong hands.


  • Physically have to go somewhere to top up – Unfortunately, when using PayNearMe you will physically have to go to a participating location to withdraw your money. At this time the use of the ATM method is the only way to receive your money.
  • Fees – You can expect to encounter fess when making a deposit or withdrawal. Depending on your vendor these may be found in the FAQ section or may form as part of the fine print on the screen while you make your withdrawal or deposit. If you experience any issues or may need clarity on a few things please do contact the customer support of your online betting vendor.
  • Misses out on deposit method bonuses – Some online SC sportsbook vendors may offer bonuses when certain payment methods are used. Many online casinos do not offer bonuses when you choose to use PayNearMe as a deposit method. Bonuses assist bettors in gaining wins and assist in creating an overall exciting experience.

Other payment methods than PayNearMe for betting sites in SC

Here are a few alternatives to PayNearMe that are also very popular with online sportsbook vendors.

  • Neteller betting sites. Neteller is also a very popular option among online casinos. Forex trading platforms and social networks are also currently using Neteller. You can easily withdraw your funds using the Net+card. You can also deposit funds directly into your bank account using Neteller.
  • PayPal betting sites. PayPal has also become a highly trusted name in the online casino world. Many players use PayPal in their day-to-day life making it easier to make and receive payments. Vendors commonly use PayPal as it is quick and can be easily linked to an actual account. Currently, more than 460 000 vendors use PayPal as a form of payment on their websites. PayPal was founded in 1998 and has become a substitute for real money because of its transaction fees and many other benefits.
  • VISA betting sites. Visa is very easy to use and has become a very popular banking method when making deposits and withdrawals. Many people choose this method as they find it easy to use because many already have a Visa card. Visa was founded in 1958. Its main purpose is to facilitate electronic transfers. It is currently being used throughout the world. They offer a wide range of products which include Visa-branded credit cards and Visa-branded debit cards. You can also find prepaid cards.
  • Credit card. Using a credit card is also very popular. Many bettors have access to credit cards that are in use. They also find that because this is directly linked to their bank account they do not have to leave their home to either make a payment or withdraw.


Can I use PayNearMe on all betting sites in South Carolina?

No, not all betting sites in South Carolina accept PayNearMe. Different betting sites use different payment and withdrawal methods. As a bettor, it is your responsibility to ensure that you check if the betting site you are choosing has PayNearMe as a payment and withdrawal option. Please do ensure that you either find out this kind of information through an agent that either works at the casino or take a thorough look at their FAQ section as this may have payment options available.

Can I be scammed using PayNearMe on betting sites?

Not likely. PayNearMe is a safe online platform that facilitates transactions between vendors and customers ensuring that all money transfers are done safely. You will have proof of your payment and are able to contact your vendor in case of any queries. You can also contact PayNearMe if you have any queries regarding money that has been deposited or withdrawn.

Is PayNearMe a better option than PayPal for betting online in SC?

This will depend on your personal needs however PayNearMe assists in keeping your data safe while using PayPal gives vendors direct access to your information. With PayNearMe you have to physically go out when making a withdrawal to get your funds. With PayPal, you can sit in the comfort of your own home as you withdraw funds.