When you participate in sports betting in South Carolina, the one thing you can be sure to come across is a deposit match bonus. As sportsbooks compete to attract customers, they use many promotions and bonuses.

One of the most prominent is the deposit match bonus. As you read below, you will find out what the deposit match bonus in South Carolina is and how it works.

What is a deposit match bonus?

A deposit match bonus is an amount of money you receive when you deposit money into your online sportsbook account. It is usually a percentage of your deposit amount. For example, if you have deposited $100 into your account, and the deposit match bonus is 100%, then you will receive an additional $100 in the account.

The sportsbook first deposit bonus operates in different ways depending on which site you are operating on. Most sportsbooks have conditions that you have to meet first before you can get the amount in cash. In some cases, you may be required to bet first before you can get the bonus. It is important to understand these conditions to know how everything will work out.

How to get a deposit match bonus in South Carolina

To get a deposit match bonus in South Carolina, there are some steps that you have to take. They include signing up on a sportsbook, entering your promo code or affiliate link, and depositing funds.

1. Sign up to an online sportsbook

You must begin by signing up for an online sports betting site in South Carolina that offers the bonus. It is easy to know which sportsbooks have this offer since they always advertise it. You can also check reviews of different sportsbooks to know what each is offering. Once you choose your sportsbook, then you can go through the simple sign-up process as follows.

1. Open the site and click on “register” or “sign up”.
2. Enter all the details that are required of you on the registration form. Make sure the information you give is correct and accurate since you will use some of it later.
3. Give a valid email address as you will mostly be required to verify this.
4. You should also give a valid address as you may very this too.
5. The minimum age for betting in the US is 21 years. Your date of birth and the last digits of your SSN will help to verify your age.
6. Verify any other information if you are asked to do so.
7. Confirm that the information is correct then click on the register tab.

2. Enter your promo code or affiliate link

You may be required to enter a promo code as part of the registration process. Entering the code ensures that you qualify for the deposit match bonus offer. You then have the option of accepting the offer. You should accept it immediately because most of the offers are temporary. So, if you wait too long, the offer may expire before you take advantage. Usually, you need to accept the offer within 14 days.

Using affiliate links is much easier. An affiliate link is placed strategically on an advert. If you follow the link on a certain website to register on a sportsbook, then the account you create is automatically affiliated to that website. You will get your match bonus automatically through that link. In that case, you will not have to enter anything to receive your bonus.

However, some affiliate links still require a sports betting promo code. You will find the promo code on the same website on which you found the link.

3. Deposit some funds

Since what you are looking for is a deposit match bonus, it will be given against the amount you deposit into your account. There may be requirements for you to deposit a minimum amount to be considered for the bonus. Always try to have this amount ready so that you can deposit it.

You should make the deposit as soon as you can. That way you can benefit from the offer when it is still available. In some cases, you will get the bonus immediately. However, some sportsbooks may require you to bet first before you benefit. This is known as a wagering or playthrough requirement. If there is no such requirement, then you can access your bonus as soon as it is given.

How deposit match bonuses work

Deposit match bonuses operate on certain basic factors. One is the percentage. If you see a deposit match bonus that offers 50%, it means that you will get half of the money you deposited added to your account.

The second factor is the limit amount. If there is a cap of $1,000, it means that you can be compensated for a maximum of that amount. Should you deposit $2,000, then you will only be compensated for $1,000. If the match deposit is at 50%, then you will receive a half of $1,000, which is $500, in your account.

Conditions set on deposit match bonuses in SC

In most cases, match deposit bonuses in South Carolina do come with attached conditions. The funds you receive may or may not be directly deposited into your account. If they are deposited directly, then you have nothing to worry about.

You can either use the money to bet or even withdraw it. That is known as the no-wagering requirement bonus. The catch is that sometimes you may not be allowed to withdraw the bonus. Instead, it may be for betting purposes only.

On the contrary, there are some wagering requirements on certain sportsbooks. What that means is that you will be required to bet a certain amount a number of times before you get the bonus. For instance, you can get a 20x playthrough requirement.

This means that you will have to bet the same bonus amount 20X before you can claim the bonus. If the bonus was $500 and you wager a similar amount 20x, you will have wagered $10,000. Should you lose on all those bets, then you will have had fun playing, but lost a lot of money by the time you get the bonus.

If you fail to meet the set wagering requirements, you will lose the whole deal. In many cases, there are time limits set within which to meet those requirements. You are likely to run out of time as you struggle to meet the target. You should think of all this before playing.

Reasonable sportsbooks will put small requirements like 3x or so. If you wager $1,500 and get $500 as the bonus, it is reasonable. After all, you are there to bet, aren’t you? So, the wagering requirements, where they exist, should be reasonable. You should look out for that.

Types of deposit match bonuses

Deposit match bonuses come in various forms. The main ones are as follows.

  • Welcome deposit match bonuses – A deposit match bonus you receive only once when you join a sportsbook. They are usually larger than other match bonuses since they are meant to attract new players to the sportsbook.
  • Reload match bonuses – Reload match bonuses are subsequent bonuses after the initial welcome bonus. You can benefit from them for 3 or 4 subsequent bonuses after the initial one.
  • No deposit bonuses – No deposit bonuses come in the form of free spins and are mostly associated with casino slot games. They are offered to enable you to try out the games. They are the most common type of a no deposit bonus. You can win some real money on the free spins as well.
  • Deposit method bonus – Deposit method bonus are usually given by companies offering banking solutions. They are meant to lure you to use a certain method. They are low bonuses of 5% or thereabouts, and are usually given only once.
  • High roller bonuses – High roller bonuses are usually given to people who deposit large sums of money. The bonuses are quite high and carry fewer conditions. However, you must deposit big money to benefit from them, which may push them just out of your reach.

Getting the best deal of match bonuses

The best way to make sure that you are getting the best deal on match bonuses is to shop around. Do not settle for the first offer you come across. Look through the various South Carolina betting promos to see what each is offering.

When you find what sounds like a good deal, go through the terms and conditions. That may not be your favorite pastime, but it is necessary when you are dealing with money. Only register and play when you are sure that you have the best deal around.

Advantages and disadvantages of deposit match bonuses

There are advantages and disadvantages of deposit match bonuses. This is especially so if you compare them to other bonuses. Below are some of the pluses and minuses.


  • A deposit match bonus is a gain on your part. When you receive one, you get money added to you that was not originally yours. In simple terms, it is free cash just for joining a sportsbook.
  • You can withdraw the awarded cash to use outside the sportsbook. This, however, depends on the conditions set by the betting site.
  • The bonus can enable you to continue playing even after your funds have run out. Consequently, you have more opportunities to win on bets.
  • It is an easy bonus to get compared to the risk-free bonus. With the latter, you have to bet some money and lose it before you are compensated for a fraction of your losses.
  • You can get a really high deposit match bonus if you enlist with the right sportsbook. There are some very lucrative offers out there.
  • There are some sportsbooks that offer match deposits on subsequent deposits after your first one. This means that you can get even more money into your account.


  • A deposit match bonus is a way to lure you into joining a sportsbook. There could be conditions, like playthrough requirements. These will force you to bet a lot of money before you can get the bonus. If you lose on those bets, you will have spent much more than what you receive as a bonus. You should understand such playthrough requirements before you enthusiastically indulge.
  • You are usually required to deposit a minimum amount before you can benefit from a deposit match. If you don’t have that amount ready, then you will not benefit.
  • The deposit match only comes when you first join the casino. Unless there are subsequent deposit matches, you will only benefit once.
  • In some sportsbooks, you can only use the deposit match to bet. So, you will never really get the money in your pocket.


Will my deposit match bonus be unlimited on betting sites in SC?

No. Your deposit match bonus cannot be unlimited. It is always restricted to a certain percentage of your deposit. So, you can only be sure to benefit up to a certain amount. If there are playthrough requirements, then you will not benefit unless you win some of the bets that you must make to fulfill the conditions.

Where do I find an affiliate link for a deposit match bonus in South Carolina?

You find affiliate links online. Conduct a search for affiliate links and look at the suggestions that come up. You can then choose the best site to provide you with affiliate links to various sportsbooks. You can include adverts with these links on your website to benefit when people click on the adverts and register on the sportsbooks.

Is a deposit match bonus better than a risk free bet on betting sites in SC?

Yes. A deposit match bonus is better than a risk-free bet provided that there are no restrictive playthrough conditions attached to it. When there are such playthrough conditions, then you are better off with a risk-free bet. That is because the conditions will take a lot of money out of you, while the risk-free bet assures you of some compensation.