Looking for some info about online sportsbooks in South Carolina? We’ve got you covered. This article will tell you everything you need to get betting on sportsbooks online in SC. This includes what online sportsbooks are the best, what sports you can bet on, payment methods, and much more.

Best online sportsbooks in South Carolina

PointsBet Sportsbook South Carolina Best sportsbook for betting promos
FanDuel Sportsbook South Carolina Best sportsbook for app betting
DraftKings Sportsbook South Carolina Best sportsbook for new bettors
BetRivers Sportsbook South Carolina Best sportsbook for in-game betting

We’ve tested the top sports betting operators in Palmetto State. Reviewed below are some of the best online sportsbooks in South Carolina:

DraftKings Sportsbook South Carolina

As Drafkings introduces itself in each state in the United States and globally its growth is unstoppable. As one of the most recognized sportsbooks, it not only accommodates younger players but big investors and bettors. It has the big leagues as its betting options with any game one can imagine.

The sportsbook offers a generous bonus that changes on the regular. The sign-up reward bonus is considered to be average in comparison to bonuses offered by sportsbooks in its league. DraftKings Sportsbook South Carolina goes on to offer free-to-play contests, risk-free bets, profit boosts, parlay boosts, and a referral program. Occasionally, there will be tournaments and promotions that players can take advantage of and boost their bankrolls.

On football and basketball games, DraftKings provides conventional juice betting lines. Given its significant position in the business, it is neither too modest nor extremely inventive. DraftKings Sportsbook’s odds are often above-average.

The sportsbook has a simple and sleek desktop and mobile version of the site. The mobile version is suitable for both Android and IOS devices and offers easy gaming. Customer support is also available 24/7 via email, live chat, and phone. A FAQ page is also available for common questions.

BetRivers Sportsbook South Carolina

The BetRivers Sportsbook in South Carolina allures consumers with a big sign-up bonus and a variety of continuous incentives. It lets you wager on numerous athletic activities weekly, with odds that are quite competitive.

The desktop and mobile user interfaces are rather fantastic. Although there is some over clustering, the site has been planned up thoughtfully and intuitively. The sportsbook offers a variety of fascinating options to improve the gambling experience and the odds given are rather standard as it frequently offers typical juice lines.

Users join the iRush program as soon as they sign-up. They will then grow their credits as they continue playing. The benefits increase the higher you go.
Overall, the major downside to BetRivers is that their support service can only be reached from 9:30 AM to 2:00 AM at Eastern Standard Time. The options of email, phone call, and live chat are open to users but just not for all hours of the day.

PointsBet Sportsbook South Carolina

When it comes to incentives and awards, PointsBet Sportsbook South Carolina is one of the most accommodating sportsbooks. It offers a sign-up bonus of two risk-free bets, as well as regular and frequent promotions and challenges.

The casino’s odds are quite ordinary, and they provide one of the most diverse selections of sports in the market. Another one of its distinguishing features is that players may put bets on the weather.

The casinos desktop site and mobile app are simply modern, easy to use, and navigate through. The mobile app is available for IOS and Android with no glitches and issues. Support is available 24/7 through live chat, phone, and email.

The normal fixed odds betting, together with the numerous entertaining offers are worth investing in on the betting site. Per each free bet you receive as a result of one of these specials, it is yours with no rollover obligation. PointsBet has a simple rewards program in which clients can earn points and redeem them for site credit just through their regular betting.

With their VIP program, The Platinum and Diamond Club are both invite-only. Platinum players get a plethora of tempting benefits, including personal assistance, and increased referral incentives. Once a bettor achieves Diamond, the perks only become better.

FanDuel Sportsbook South Carolina

FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina offers a risk-free wager upon enrollment. They go on to offer free bets on a regular basis, weekly incentives, challenges, and competitions. With the large number of offers they have, they however often feature low maximum betting limits.

FanDuel is best known for daily fantasy sports, which users have grown to love engaging with on a daily basis. The sportsbook does not disappoint when it comes to its offers and services and stands to maintain being one of the best sportsbooks available.

For support, users have the option of email support, live chat, and phone calls throughout all hours of the day.

About online sportsbooks in SC

At the convenience and leisure of everyone’s and anyone’s own home, wagering through online sports betting sites in South Carolina has become a pastime for most and a way to earn money for others. The reasons for the sudden explosion of online betting are unending. From the convenience, entertainment, generous rewards, and incentives to the numerous betting options and limitless possibilities.

Each and every day, it is becoming simply more than just gambling for most and hoping for the chance that luck takes a liking upon them. Online sportsbooks are striving in South Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, and many other states you can think of.

Now people take time to understand the basics, strategies, and what makes successful betting. And, which you should probably do the same if you are gaining interest in the sporting betting industry.

The sports choices are tailored for all sports lovers, from football, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, hockey to who would have thought, cycling, and more. The betting options are vast themselves, ranging from the common money lines and point spreads to more sophisticated options like parlays and futures.

The industry is generating millions with hundreds of new accounts being created daily. Now with every sport having a betting activity along with the adoption of cryptocurrencies in casinos, there is simply no turning back. And more especially, there is nothing stopping people from having their share of what the industry has to offer.

How to sign up for an online sportsbook in South Carolina

Here are a few steps to finding and signing up with your sportsbook. There are a few things to consider and act through before taking your final step to betting.

1. Find a legitimate SC online sportsbook

Sports betting is extremely difficult if you have no clear image of what you have to be doing. Betting on a game may appear to be a simple process, but there are some complexities associated with it. This is especially where money is involved.

The number of benefits of online sports betting outnumbers the list of disadvantages and that offers a good start. However, there are features you should check for in a betting site prior to signing up.

These features you will take a look at will not only determine what you may bet on and your possibilities in other areas. Also, they will have a significant influence on your whole experience. Online betting apps in SC will have different odds to offer and this stands as a major deal-breaker for most. Some players go to the extent of signing up for more than one sportsbook and enjoying the different benefits each has to offer. Perhaps this can be done once you have gotten your way around betting.

A good sportsbook will never be lacking when it comes to the basics, especially the sports types it has to offer. Commonly used and convenient payment methods are a must as well. Processing times should also not be an inconvenience to players. Your deal breakers will narrow down your options, and you should be left with a few sites to compare. Customer reviews help a lot and there shouldn’t be a reason that you don’t take an interest to read them. What makes a business if not its customers.

What they provide in regard to betting activity or sports is perhaps the most important element you should evaluate before deciding which sports betting service you wish to join. Each sports betting site will have its own set of betting odds for individual sporting events. This implies that you may place bets on the same event through two separate online sportsbooks and have different odds for each.

Overall, to choose the best online sportsbook in South Carolina, you can follow up on this list:

  • Payment methods.
  • Bonuses and promotions.
  • Transaction times.
  • Security.
  • Games offered and betting options.
  • Site or app user interface.
  • Minimum/ maximum deposit and withdrawals.
  • Reviews and reputation.

2. Register your details

The registration processes differ between different operators. Some will simply demand that you create an account with an email and a password. Others will demand that you provide extra information like identity verification, a photo, and proof of address.

What is important is that you provide the right information because the site will verify. If it happens that you provide inaccurate information then your details clash, your funds might be frozen, and you can be suspected of illegal activities.

3. Enter promo code if you have one

Once you are signed up on a website, you will be offered newcomer bonuses. Some of these are automatically applied. However, some others are not.

Others will require a sportsbook promo code to work. Fear not, all this information is usually on the main page or the rewards page. Surely if you have any problem with finding a promo code, you can contact support, and they can assist.

4. Deposit funds

By the time you reach this step, you should know what deposit method you will use. Remember, this is a major feature in determining what sportsbook you want to use. Currently, sportsbooks have a number of deposit methods to offer from cards to cryptocurrencies, and digital options like Neteller, Skrill, and Paypal.

Once you make your deposit, it typically should not take more than a few minutes for it to reflect on your account. Also, most sportsbooks have no charges in this process, but it should be something you confirm with your specific sportsbook.

To gain sign-up bonuses there might be a minimum amount that you should deposit, also keep this in mind.

5. Get betting

This is where the fun begins. After you have given yourself time to learn and navigate through your sportsbook, you can finally take your chances in betting. You will have the option of betting on the usual sports, however, sometimes you might have the chance to bet on specific events and games.

Make wise choices and maximize what rewards you are given. You do not want to make immediate losses as you begin.

Tips on picking the best online sportsbook in SC

A plethora of online sportsbooks are available to choose from in South Carolina, so how do you choose what’s the best one? Check out our guide below to find out:

1. Bonuses on offer

There are several common betting bonuses sites usually offer and here we have taken the chance to explore just a few:

  • Wager Bonuses. A wager bonus must be wagered with specific set conditions in order to be converted to real money. Wagering incentives come in a variety of forms. These can be a sign-up bonus and an events’ bonus that is for particular sporting events or activities. The bonus will be either in the form of a bonus sum or a specific percentage bonus. When the wagering requirements are not met, the bonus becomes inaccessible to the player. The goal of the sign-up bonus is to not only lure new players but also to assist them into starting with a higher bankroll.
  • Free bets. A free bet bonus is largely common with sportsbooks. It enables players to make bets with no risk of squandering their money. Free bets can also be without the need for first deposits. When players make a successful bet, they get to keep their earnings.

2. Choose a legitimate sportsbook

In this digital era where information is at our fingertips, it shouldn’t be hard to find out if a sportsbook is legitimate or not. However, more information you can look into is the sportsbook’s licensing, and reviews from well-known casino review sites. A sportsbook’s license is usually at the bottom of their home page.

There you will also find information like policies and site terms and conditions. The clients also often do the talking and if a sportsbook has great services to offer, you will find the reviews stating so. Also, the number of people who engage with the site tells a lot. A shady website that looks poorly done and is slow-paced with outrageous bonuses should send alarm bells. Legitimate websites know that first impressions matter which is why they strive for modern looking and sleek themes.

A site’s loading time also matters a lot as most customers leave a site after moments of unending loading and no site wants to risk that. When it comes to bonuses, every betting site will make offers to keep their players entertained and hooked, but let’s not forget that they as well need to make a profit.

3. Make sure it accepts your preferred payment method

Payment options differ from site to site. The most common are Bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and digital methods. However, it is not guaranteed that you will find all the options with your specific desired betting site.

Along with the different payment methods come different processing times and extra fees. Even more, some payment/deposit methods such as cryptocurrencies might earn you bonuses in certain betting sites. It is important to consider all these factors.

4. Look at the sports markets

Basic sports that you should expect from a good sportsbook include:

  • Football.
  • Basketball.
  • Soccer.
  • Tennis.
  • Baseball.
  • Darts.
  • Boxing.
  • Cricket.

These sports are amongst the most bet on sports in the world contributing to the industry’s estimated worth of 3 trillion. Total bets made by people exceed millions sometimes in just single matches or events. If a sportsbook does not offer any one of these or just a few, it could be more than questionable.

5. Look at the different bet types

There are several methods to gamble on sports. It’s critical to understand how each of them works so you can select the best kind of sports betting for your specific demands and interests. It does not take long to grasp and comprehend betting sorts. Common forms of bets include:

  • Moneylines. Moneyline betting is the most basic of all sports bets and the easiest to understand and is available in almost, if not all betting sites. It is the most fundamental bet of them all, and you basically are picking who you think will win the game. You will then wager on this option. Keep in mind that money lines are not equal as it depends on the parties competing. Various moneyline bets will result in different payout amounts.
  • Outright and Futures Bets. You’ll be picking the victor of an ultimate game, league, or division with this form of sports wager. In most circumstances, you make your selection far in prior to the actual athletic event. Except for the fact that you must wait for the bet to be completed, this is quite identical to moneyline wagering.

What sports you can wager on using sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks in South Carolina offer an abundance of sports to choose from. Check out the most popular sports to wager on below:

  • Basketball – Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers are the most famous team in the NBA following their years of continuous success. The vast majority of participants, clubs, and leagues provide so many possibilities that making good forecasts in basketball is actually impossible. Betting sites go on to offer options like live-streaming, outstanding bonuses, and live betting options. This is all for the convenience of basketball sports lovers and not forgetting that the sport is the world’s third most popular sport for betting.
  • Baseball – Whenever the bookmakers establish the line for a Major League Baseball game, they consider a number of criteria. The starting pitchers are by far the most crucial game aspect that influences the betting lines with most games. Players must analyze previous wins in a row, player data, match result odds, and a variety of many other factors that might influence the outcome of the game.
  • Ice hockey – Picking who you think will win the game is one way to wager on NHL games. This is when the figures representing the favored and underdog enter the equation. You may also bet on the overall amount of goals recorded in a match, independent of whether the team comes out on top. You may bet on an individual player for scores, assists, wins, chances to score, or a variety of other data.
  • Boxing – The media and social networking channels have never made it so easy to follow up on sports like boxing specifically for betting. The sport is one of the most enjoyable with a number of betting options. However, unlike many other sports, the games aren’t as frequent. The betting options remain common with all the other sports, but the obvious difference is how the games take place and what they entail.
  • Football – The finest sports betting sites are information-driven, analytically reliable, and provide several betting methods based on expertise and data that may be beneficial as well. But, the greatest options are dependent on favorable operator odds. Arbitrage wagering and match wagering are the two football betting systems that assure a profit every time. The first type of betting is the simplest and most constant wagering approach for generating a payoff on football. The most basic football betting method is match betting. It is dependent on odds’ comparison websites and the variances in odds across bookmakers.
  • Soccer – Arbing is when a gambler ensures a risk-free placement by supporting a collection at high odds whilst also establishing it at lesser risk odds somewhere else. This specific type of sports wagering gives you a lot of area to gain the benefit of arbitrage chances. Even more, applications that critically analyze the worldwide soccer industry and identify potential risk-free chances are already available. Betting bots can now be sometimes used programmatically to take a gamble and terminate any possible bets as value disparities diminish as the market changes.
  • And many more – The path to sports betting will never be a straightforward one. Like all things, it changes with new markets, events, and possible growth in the industry. But, there are also the basics that bettors should learn to maximize their betting chances in any way possible.

Fantasy sports on online sportsbooks in SC

Daily fantasy sports is a fantasy sports idea that is played on a daily basis in South Carolina. Rather than building a team and committing to it for the full season, you decide your squad only once every match.

DraftKings, like FanDuel, has competitions just for novices to help fairness and equality. They also have a freshly added pool feature that allows free pick’em competitions with real money payouts. There are currently over a dozen daily fantasy sports applications to pick from in the market.

Although some are comparable, the majority differ in terms of game kinds, sign-up incentives, and sports options available. This means that the platforms are not equal in the overall sense as some have more to offer than others.
Sports you can look out for currently are:

  • NFL.
  • NBA.
  • WNBA.
  • CFB.
  • Golf NHL.
  • EPL.
  • Tennis.
  • eSports.
  • MMA.
  • Rugby.

For fantasy players, discussions, technique blogs, and even statistics available from betting sites and apps may all be highly beneficial. Lengthy prosperity necessitates effective cash handling.

Can you bet on college football on online sportsbooks in SC?

Yes, you can bet on college football on online sportsbooks in South Carolina. Through the use of several online sportsbooks like FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings, South Carolina locals can take chances on betting on college football or any other sport of their liking.

There are a number of football teams to bet on in South Carolina. It is no surprise that the state is amongst those that value its own state games and teams. Fortunately, there are numerous betting platforms on which they may bet on their favorite teams.

A few of the South Carolina football teams include:

  • South Carolina State Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs.
  • South Carolina Gamecocks.
  • Clemson Tigers.

How to deposit on online sportsbooks in South Carolina

There are several ways to make deposits offered by betting sites. It all comes down to what is convenient for you. This includes processing times, extra charges if applicable, and the overall benefits.


The fact that Visa sportsbooks are so readily available is a significant advantage. Visa payments are not just recognizable to almost everyone, but they also come with a slew of other benefits. For the most part, it is authentic, secure, and simple to use.

The fact that it has cheap minimum deposit requirements and big maximums is a significant plus for most betting sites that take Visa payments, but not all. Bettors can make deposits ranging from a few dollars to thousands.


Mastercard is integrated by several institutions for easy payment processing. Not only is it a safe payment method, but it is considered highly secure and similar to a visa payment, it allows for large maximum deposits. A typical withdrawal will take no more than 24 hours to reflect in your account.


Amongst the leading digital money transfer platform, Neteller has garnered a lot of attention and a great reputation. The platform allows for instant deposits with withdrawals taking three working days.

Before you use Neteller, you will need to have a verified account and funds to deposit. It is relatively simple to use, similar to platforms like PayPal. The platform has existed for some years now and ensures clientele security allowing customers to secure their accounts in different ways.


PayPal stands as a global service provider that has operated for one of the longest periods and is reliable for both betting sites and its customers.

Transactions to PayPal and from PayPal are instant, secure, and private. The payment method has been adopted by many globally and therefore it is easy to use and is quite common.

When using PayPal to deposit you do not need to submit your banking information which is very important for security purposes. You only need to link your PayPal account and then carry on with your transactions.

Online banking

Bank transfers, like bank cards, are direct payments from your personal banking account to the bookmaker. Bank transfers are often accessible for deposits and withdrawals options. The deposits are instant and withdrawals take around 3 to 5 business days, which is average for most payment options.


With Venmo, unlike your conventional bank card, it is not linked to your banking account. This implies you won’t have to provide your bank credit card information, and betting activities can never display on your bank account.

Because Venmo deposits are fast, you can begin betting right away after placing your deposits. Their withdrawal processing times are convenient as well, taking not more than the average time you can expect.

How to find the latest promotions for online sportsbook in SC

Keeping up with the latest promotional offers for sportsbooks in South Carolina is crucial in protecting and growing your bankroll. Several sites have their promotions updates on the regular on their homepage and their rewards page as well. Others keep their players informed through emails.

To not miss these offers, just check this page regularly and you’ll find the latest sportsbook promotions in South Carolina. You can also sign up for different sportsbooks in which you have taken an interest in more than one and in that way, you will keep your choices and possibilities open.


Are online sportsbooks legal in South Carolina?

No, online sportsbooks are not legal at this moment in South Carolina. The latest bill on legalizing sports betting was neglected in 2019, but it is expected that new attempts will be made in the next few years to once and for all legalize online sportsbooks.

Can I bet on badminton at online sportsbooks in South Carolina?

Yes, you can bet on badminton on any online sportsbook in South Carolina that has it on its books. It all comes down to knowing what each bookmaker has to offer and the sports available. Badminton is comparable to tennis and may be played solo or in pairs. Straight-up bets that decide on the victor of the match are by far the most popular form of bet put on a badminton match. The odds are often on display in decimal form and will show the participants as well as their relative chances of success.

How do I know an online sportsbook in South Carolina won’t steal my money?

There are several ways to check and ensure your money won’t be stolen by checking the the legitimacy of a sportsbook. The basic requirement of a legitimate product is a license as well as a site policy. You can also dig deeper into what a sportsbook has to offer through customer reviews and the main site itself.

Can I bet on amateur sports teams at online sportsbooks in SC?

Yes, you can bet on amateur sports teams at online sportsbooks in South Carolina. However, the problem is that not most sportsbooks offer these odd types. Also, the payouts you can expect are not exactly the best. The first step will be looking into a sportsbook that will have amateur sports odds available.