The vast expanse of online casinos in South Carolina and continual ongoing technological advancements culminate in many more online banking betting sites in South Carolina and elsewhere. Nowadays, most players have access to online banking applications. People regularly make payments using online bank transfers.

Furthermore, online banking betting sites in South Carolina allow you to make immediate payments into your casino account. Players can make transactions directly through their banks, or they can use an online bank transfer service.

Bank transfers can also be used to withdraw money from some casino providers. By using this payment method, players can benefit from the speed, security and convenience of bank transfer payments.

Online banking allows customers to monitor their spending. As a result of viewing their statements, people can ensure that they don’t overspend. Moreover, the online nature of both banking and betting allows players to enjoy their betting experience regardless of their locations or the time of day.

Deposit an online sportsbook in South Carolina with online banking

Crediting a casino account using online banking is a simple process. Players should simply follow the steps below, and they will be ready to play in no time.

  1. Pick a South Carolina-based sportsbook that accepts online banking. Our site provides a comprehensive comparison of various South Carolina online sportsbooks. We outline their unique selling points, offers and payment methods, among many other features. Using this information, players can choose a sportsbook that fits their requirements.
  2. Complete the registration process and set up your account.
  3. Once your account is complete, navigate to your online casino account.
  4. Click on the deposit button.
  5. From the options, select wire/bank transfer.
  6. Enter your BIC and IBAN number which can be found on the back of your banking card.
  7. Type in or select the amount of money that you wish to deposit (be careful to check the placement of the decimal point).
  8. Click confirm.

Following this, most banks configure their transactions in a way that allows instant bank transfer. However, you may be redirected to your bank’s secure verification page wherein you may have to enter your online banking password. This is just an additional security measure and can differ according to your specific bank.

How to withdraw from a South Carolina sportsbook using online banking

Withdrawing from a South Carolina sportsbook using online banking is a simple process. Players should remember that betting sites that accept online banking for deposits may not equally offer the same payment method for withdrawals. Therefore, it is important to check both deposit and withdrawal lists beforehand.

  1. Within your online sportsbook account, select the option to withdraw.
  2. Type in or select how much you would like to withdraw.
  3. From the payment options, select bank/wire transfer.
  4. Enter your BIC and IBAN again.
  5. Click confirm.
  6. Wait for the winnings to appear in your bank account. Withdrawal times may vary according to different banks and sportsbooks. It is important to check terms and conditions before making a bet.

Pros and cons of using online banking with a South Carolina sportsbook

Using online banking as a payment method within South Carolina betting sites, there are many advantages and disadvantages to consider. Inevitably, pros and cons differ and accompany all available payment methods. Therefore, it is important to consider the following points before choosing your payment method.


  • Monitor your spending – By using a direct link between sportsbooks and players, it is easier for players to monitor the amount that they are spending. This helps prevent overspending. Players can monitor their account balance, the amount that they spend, and their other outgoings and can quickly identify any suspicious behavior.
  • Safety – Online bank transfers are secure as banks utilize layered security measures and verification processes with each transaction. In the event of suspicious activity, players’ money is protected and bank’s fraudulent activity teams work quickly to resolve the issue.
  • Players do not need to open a new account – As most players use utilize online banking, they do not have to open an additional account in order to get started. Whereas, other payment methods involve additional account set-up, passwords and verification processes.
  • Limits – Betting sites that accept online banking often have high withdrawal limits and deposits are often unlimited.
  • Fast transactions – Banks are working to continually improve transaction times. Therefore, players will be able to more instantly have fun.
  • No or low fees – Typically, sportsbooks do not impose transaction fees for players who use bank transfers.


  • The betting site will show on your bank statement – Some players are put off by the fact that sportsbook transactions are listed within their bank statements. Bank statements are often required for verification in other areas of life, which players may not be comfortable to share.

Other methods of payment

For players who are still undecided about using online banking in conjunction with their sportsbook betting, there are many other available payment systems.

  • Prepaid card betting sites SC – Prepaid cards are becoming a commonly used payment method across many online sportsbooks. Many renowned card networks, such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express support prepaid card options. Players can purchase cards in shops or supermarkets and can then credit their cards with a value of their choosing. Subsequently, cards can be credited via an app, bank transfers and through supermarkets. Prepaid cards are a great option for players who wish to constrain their spending within the amount on the card. Players can allocate a certain amount to their prepaid card and once the card amount is empty, they are not able to make any further transactions.
  • E-wallet betting sites SC – Online banking betting sites in South Carolina usually accept e-wallets. Due to technological advancements, E-wallets are a popular choice. As the name suggests, they work in the same way as a conventional wallet in that they allow users to store credit and debit card information. Additionally, E-wallets house digital coupons and loyalty card information. Their selling point centers around their convenience as they often allow password-free, mobile transactions. Specifically, there are two types of E-wallet, hot and cold wallets. Users typically utilize a wallet to make simple, speedy payments within a secure web server. Whereas, a player uses a cold wallet, which is a physical device, to store cryptocurrency or digital assets. Many users use both types whilst some prefer the physicality of cold E-wallets and others opt for the security of hot E-wallets.
  • Credit card betting sites SC – The vast majority of betting sites that accept online banking in South Carolina offer credit cards as a payment method. As opposed to making cash payments, credit cards work according to customer’s credit. Specifically, customers make purchases which are then registered on their account. Subsequently, the customer must pay the balance of their account on s monthly basis. Successful and timely repayments equate to the accumulation of a good credit score. Using a credit card to bet within a sportsbook allows players extra time to pay off their balance rather than using cash at the time of the transaction. However, it is easier to overspend when using this payment method as platers are not using the cash that they have at the time. Furthermore, credit card companies typically ensure safe and speedy transactions. In a similar way to banks, layered security and verification procedures alongside specialist fraud departments heighten the safety of all transactions.
  • Visa betting sites SC – Visa is a popular choice for South Carolina online bettors. Many players will already have and use a Visa card. Visa is a financial company that provides credit and debit cards. Typically, sportsbooks offer both options as payment methods. Visa cards are utilized and accepted on a global scale. Additionally, Visa transactions utilize innovative security measures to ensure optimal security for their customer’s data and money. Usually, Visa will only work with regulated and licensed casinos, thus further heightening security.


Should use online banking to make deposits in offshore betting sites in South Carolina?

No, we do not recommend using online banking to bet on offshore betting sites in SC given the significant risks associated with offshore betting sites. In the event that a player chooses to do this, extensive research is imperative. Players should thoroughly research their chosen offshore betting site and should carefully read their terms and conditions and identify security measures that are put in place. Where necessary, players should seek further information from the betting site's customer support department to maximize the safety of their gameplay.

Do I get any bonuses for depositing to betting sites in South Carolina with online banking?

Yes, you will receive bonuses when using online banking on SC betting sites. A large proportion of online betting sites in South Carolina offer bonuses to welcome customers and celebrate their initial deposit. Typically, sportsbooks determine the bonus amount in relation to the player's deposit amount. Therefore, high deposits equate to high bonus amounts. This is a practice that most online banking betting sites in South Carolina adhere to. It entices new players and encourages further betting.

Is online banking the safest way to gamble online in South Carolina?

Yes, online banking is one of the safest ways to gamble online in South Carolina. Using online banking as a payment method for betting sites in South Carolina is secure. Given banks' extensive experience in dealing with a multitude of transactions on a daily basis, on a global scale, using them within betting sites is merely another extension of their capabilities.