Looking for info about FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina? We’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into all you need to know. Including all about FanDuel Sportsbook, bet and sports types available, how to sign up, and the latest bonus offers and promo codes.

About FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina

FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina is a giant in the sports betting industry. While its start was humble as a Daily Fantasy Sports bookie, it quickly became very popular. So, the next step was to expand to the sportsbooks market. The developers behind FanDuel had a very clear vision of what they wanted. So, the sportsbook met great success.

Today, it is one of the most popular online sportsbooks across the states, and with good reason. As we will see further on, it has a very extensive sports list. Moreover, it offers many bonuses, all sorts of betting types, and quite a few banking options. FanDuel does everything right to give bettors the ultimate betting experience.

Luckily, it is already available in the state of South Carolina as a Daily Fantasy Sports bookie. The State has yet to legalize online sports betting, but that will not stop us from giving you all the information you need about the popular sportsbook. Besides, sports betting can be legalized any time now. Why not be prepared? From how to register for FanDuel sportsbook in South Carolina to more complicated details, here is everything you need to know.

How to sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook in SC

Fortunately, the registration process on FanDuel Sportsbook in SC is simple and fast. All sportsbooks try to keep such things simple, in order to not discourage potential clients with technicalities. FanDuel is no exception to this rule.

Thus, creating an account should not take longer than a few minutes. At the same time, FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina will run background checks to verify your information and of course your age. You must be 21 years old or older to join the sportsbook.

These are the three steps you must follow to create a new account at FanDuel in South Carolina:

1. Click on the sign up button

The first thing you have to do is click on the “sign-up” on the website. A new window will emerge, and you will have to create a username and a password. Simultaneously, you will have to verify your email address.

2. Fill in your personal details

Once you are done with the basics, you can proceed to your personal details. You will have to fill in a form with your full name, home address, the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), and your phone number.
FanDuel may also ask for a photo of your ID or passport. The bookie will verify your information. If there is no issue, you can proceed to the next step.

3. Fund your account

The final step is to make the first deposit. It is necessary not only for place wagers but also for grabbing the available welcome bonus. As you will see for yourself, FanDuel in South Carolina offers many banking options to choose from.

After you deposit money and fund your account, you can start playing! FanDuel in South Carolina allows bettors to register using their Facebook credentials too. It is just as easy to register with Facebook, nothing changes in the process. However, note that it is very important to provide legal and true information. Otherwise, FanDuel reserves the right to ban you from not only its online bookie but from the retail stores too.

What sports can you bet on FanDuel Sportsbook in SC?

As aforementioned, FanDuel is one of the biggest sportsbooks in the USA. In order to achieve that, it incorporated almost every sport into its available list. This means that you have a wide range of sports to choose from. To name a few:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • And many more

These are only the most common ones. On the website, you can find more. You can find less popular sports, colleges sports, and women’s leagues. So, while placing a bet on the NBA, do not hesitate to try something else too, like lacrosse or college football!

FanDuel promotions in South Carolina

Another thing that makes FanDuel so popular is the sports betting bonuses and promotions it offers regularly. There is always a deal going on at the FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina.

Sometimes, you may need a specific betting promo code, and other times you may not. In any case, any FanDuel promo code for South Carolina will be accessible on the website. But first, let’s see the different types of promotions and bonuses that are usually available at FanDuel:

Boosted odds

This bonus is the most common one in all sportsbooks, not only FanDuel. However, FanDuel has the best boosted period odds. Actually, it has a rotating system, where every day there is a new odds boost bonus for a different sport. An odds boost increases your bet’s payout in case you win. At FanDuel, when you place a bet, you will have the original odds, and next to them the boosted.

Therefore, you can understand the deal you will be getting. Plus, it is a helpful bonus that can earn you lots of money if you are a regular bettor. Luckily, you do not need a FanDuel promo code in South Carolina. You can see the daily odds boosts at the Boosts section of the website.

Generally, this bonus is available for a limited period of time and not forever. So, while some may be available only for 24 hours, others can be for three days. It really depends on the current offer. In addition, there may be special wagering requirements attached to the odds boost. For instance, you may have to bet a specific amount of money or place a certain kind of wagers, such as a spread or a money line.

Parlay insurance

FanDuel offers parlay insurance only to its existing customers. It is not exactly a bonus, but more of a guarantee that you will not lose all your money. When you place a parlay bet, but you lose one of the wagers of your ticket, the insurance will give you a refund. Even though the compensation may not be high, it is still significant.

Refer a friend

The refer-a-friend bonus is another common one of most sportsbooks. At FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina, you can get cash if you have a friend register and deposit money. Actually, you will both get this money to your accounts. The good thing is that you can get this bonus more than once.

Moreover, you do not have to use a special South Carolina sports promo code to get it. When your friend makes the first deposit, the sportsbook will grant you both the money in the next 72 hours. You can spend this money in any way you want. Nevertheless, you cannot withdraw it to your bank account or exchange it for real cash.

Risk-free bets

Most of the time, a risk-free bet is part of a welcome promotion. So does FanDuel, but risk-free bets are not always for new customers alone. Basically, a risk-free bet allows you to place a wager and not care if you are going to lose because you will get a refund.

Of course, the exact amount depends on your original bet. The risk-free bet is a nice way to see if you are into sports betting in the first place. Moreover, if you are an experienced bettor, it is a good chance to bet more money on a game, without having to fear you will lose it.

Matched bonus

You will also see this bonus as a deposit match bonus. The deposit match at FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina will match your deposit and give you extra money. Let us explain what we mean. For example – If you deposit $50 to your sportsbook account, and you get a 50% deposit match bonus, you will have $75. Usually, you do not need a special promo code to grab this bonus, you can simply click on the indication of the announcement.


FanDuel Sportsbook does not offer a cashback bonus regularly. However, if you see it, do not miss the chance to grab it. As its name suggests, you get money back. It can be for anything, from placing wagers over an amount of money, or to a special sport. Each time there are different terms and conditions to this bonus. Yet, it is always worth grabbing it. Who does not want the money back in their pockets to spend it on other cool bets?

Fanduel Sportsbook app in South Carolina

If you are thinking of getting the FanDuel Sportsbook betting app in South Carolina, you will not regret it. While the website is excellent, the app has other advantages. First and foremost, you can track your bets and place new ones from anywhere; the comfort of your couch or on your way back from work. The app runs smoothly and fast. You will have any connectivity or log issues whatsoever.

Furthermore, it is very easy to navigate. You can access your account, see your bet slip, browse through the available sports or get a bonus. On the front page, you can see the popular bets of the day, the live and boosted odds, etc. Nothing is different from the website. It is just as great but on the screen of your phone.

If you have any problems, you can easily access customer service. It is available 24/7 via live chat and email, just like on the website. Finally, the FanDuel app is compatible with both iOS and Android. So, whatever software your device has, you can be sure that FanDuel is available.

How to download on iPhone

If you want to download the FanDuel app on your iPhone, you must go to the Apple Store and type in FanDuel at the search bar. The first app that appears is the sportsbook’s official one. You can download it and after a few seconds, you can use it. It is like getting any other app. Once you have downloaded it, you can either log in or sign up, in the same way, you would on the website.

How to download on Android

The process is the same if you want to download the bookie’s app on your Android device. But this time, you will find it at the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded, you sign in, and start betting!

App Store reviews

You can check for yourself how good the FanDuel app is by browsing through the reviews at the App Store. FanDuel in South Carolina has a total score of 4.8 out of 5, based on 190,000 reviews. This is proof that the app is very popular and one of the best in the market. So, if this is what holds you from registering at the sportsbook, consider it solved.

FanDuel Sportsbook features

Besides the aforementioned features we mentioned (great sports variety, different bonuses, excellent app), FanDuel sportsbook in South Carolina has other interesting features too. To name a few:

  • Wide range of banking options – You will be happy to know that FanDuel Sportsbook accepts every payment method you can think of, except for cryptocurrency. Whether you want to pay by credit card, PayPal, Play+, you can. Moreover, all transactions are instant. Therefore, you will not have to wait much in order to take a juicy bonus or place a bet that is expiring soon.
    Sensitivity towards gambling addiction – This is a very important feature that does not get the acknowledgment it should. While many online gambling sites in South Carolina simply wants you to loose money, FanDuel wants you to have fun and keep a sane state of mind. To help you with this, it suggests where you can seek help if you or a beloved one is having gambling issues. In addition, you can ask for a self-exclusion in case you feel your betting habits are getting out of control.
  • User-friendly dashboards – Whether you are logging in on the website or the app, one thing is for sure; you will not have any difficulties accessing anything. From your account to your bet slip and the FAQ section, FanDuel has everything clean and organized. You will not come across a sportsbook with such a user-friendly interface very often.

Can you bet on fantasy sports in SC on FanDuel Sportsbook?

Yes, you can bet on fantasy sports legally in South Carolina using FanDuel Sportsbook. All you need to do is to download the DFS app on your smartphone or iPhone and enjoy fantasy sports. FanDuel actually started as a DFS bookie, and this is how it became so widely popular.

On the app, you can play all sorts of fantasy sports: basketball, football, MMA, baseball, etc. You can find the fantasy sports list on the website and the app.

What is more is that the games are available all year long, not only when the sports season is on. Thus, you can create your fantasy football team and compete against other players, and win real money.

The DFS app is excellent. It is different from the sportsbook in the sense that they are different, and you need to create different accounts. However, the technical parts, such as the registration process or the banking option, are the same. Do not waste any more time and visit the DFS bookie now.

Bet types on FanDuelSportsbook in South Carolina

FanDuel is also popular for having many sports betting types available. You can always place a wager in whatever way you are familiar and comfortable with. At the same time, there is always something new to try. These are the best bet types you will find on FanDuel in South Carolina:

  • Spread bets – Spreads are one of the most common betting types. They are also suited for new bettors who are just getting to know how the betting system works. In a spread, there is the handicap point. Your bet should be about which team will score more than the handicap point. If the team you guessed does not pass the handicap point, the opponent wins, and you lose the bet.
  • Parlay – It is better to bet on a parlay if you are an experienced bettor, as it is a difficult bet type to win. With a parlay, you get a ticket with multiple bets. In order to win the overall value of the ticket, you have to win every single bet. If, for example, you lose one out of the ten bets, you lose the parlay. Most sportsbooks do not allow you to place bets on the same game, it has to be at least two or three different games. However, FanDuel had the innovative idea to create the Same Game Parlay bets, where you can create a parlay ticket with bets on a single game. Thus, you can be more focused, and you also have more chances of winning.
  • Live bets – Live betting is for those who seek the excitement and thrill of a live game. You place a bet when a game is one, and you can change it depending on the game’s progress. FanDuel offers live odds too, which also change according to the game’s progress.
  • Round robins – Round robins are one of the most interesting bet types, which can give you the chance to win thousands of dollars if you are smart enough. Briefly, a round robin is a combination of smaller parlays, which you create from a large list of wagers. Instead of competing with each other, the team you bet on form the parlays. The more teams you choose, the more parlays you have, therefore more chances to win the round robin.
  • Half and quarter bets – Half and quarter bets are for money lines, spreads, and totals only. You can place half and quarter bets on sports that usually have four periods, such as NBA and NFL. Betting on the first and the second half of a game is usually available for sports with two halves, such as soccer. You can place the bets either at the beginning of the game or live.

These are only a few options you have at FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina. On the website, you will find the full list of the betting types, as well as which are currently popular and have the best odds.

Deposit options

One other thing that makes FanDuel stand out in the market is the wide range of available banking options. It is something that attracts many bettors because everyone is comfortable paying in the way they are familiar with. To be more specific, FanDuel offers these deposit methods:

  • Credit and Debit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard
  • eWallets, such as PayPal and Venmo
  • Prepaid cards, such as Play+
  • Online Bank Transfer

The processing time for all deposits is instant. Naturally, the sportsbook and your bank run a few background checks on your transaction, but you will see your funds in your account in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the minimum deposit limit is $10 and FanDuel does not charge any extra fees.

Withdrawal options

FanDuel offers many options to withdraw your money too. Nevertheless, there is a small string attached to each option. You must have used it at least once for a deposit. This is because the sportsbook needs to make sure that the money goes to a legal bank account, and not pay debts or anything like that. Besides, it is another way to verify that you are a real person, and you have provided legitimate banking information.

So, if for instance, you want to withdraw via PayPal, but you have previously made the deposit using Play+, you will not be able to withdraw your funds. But let’s see all the options you have to cash out your winnings at FanDuel:

  • Credit and Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc)
  • eWallets (PayPal, Venmo, etc)
  • Prepaid card (Play+)
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Check

The minimum limit for withdrawals at FanDuel is $25 and the sportsbook does not charge any fees. However, the processing time of any withdrawal transaction is not instant. It can take from 24 hours to five days, depending on your cashout option. If you wish to get the money with a check, the check will take seven to ten days to arrive at your place.

In addition, you can have up to three different bank accounts linked to your bookie account. There is no point in trying to add a fourth one because the sportsbook will not let you unless you delete an existing one. Last but not least, FanDuel does not accept cryptocurrency either for withdrawals or deposits. To be honest, any legal sportsbook in the USA would not accept cryptocurrency, as it is not an official currency.

Does FanDuel Sportsbook have a retail location in South Carolina?

No, unfortunately, FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina does not have a retail location yet. You can download the app, though, on your iOS or iPhone and enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports betting. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the state to legalize all forms of sports betting in South Carolina. However, if you really want to visit a FanDuel retail store, you can travel to a neighboring state where their brand has brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.


Can I bet on women’s basketball on FanDuel Sportsbook in SC?

Yes, you can bet on women's basketball on FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina. FanDuel has a very extensive sports list that does not include only men's leagues and sports, but women's too. Thus, you can find women's basketball, football, volleyball, and other sports. For more information, you can check the section What sports can you bet on FanDuel Sportsbook.

Can I bet on Women’s boxing on FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina?

Yes, you can bet on women's boxing on FanDuel Sportsbook in South Carolina. However, you may not find many games or many athletes to bet on. FanDuel is constantly growing its sports list to include more athletes and sports. There are many women's sports available. If you are into boxing, you will find something for yourself. If you want to know more about the available sports, you can also refer to the section What sports can you bet on FanDuel Sportsbook.

Who has the better bonuses in SC- FanDuel or PointsBet Sportsbook?

FanDuel Sportsbook is more popular and bigger than PointsBet. It is also an American brand, whereas PointsBet is Australian. It joined the American market only in 2020. So, FanDuel has more and better bonuses and promotions than PointsBet. However, PointsBet has a special betting system you can try, the PointsBetting. It will spice things up, as it is not your ordinary way of betting. Yet, if you are just looking for the best bonuses, FanDuel is your go-to place in South Carolina.

Does FanDuel Sportsbook offer the best bonuses in SC?

This is up to you. We cannot say that it offers the best bonuses in the state, but it offers some of the best. It is a very big sportsbook, with branches in every state where sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports are legal. Thus, it makes sense to have juicy promotions. This is how it attracts new customers and keeps the existing ones too.