Free bets are an awesome way to try out a new betting site without committing your own money. In this article, we have researched all you need to know about free bets in South Carolina, so read on to find out more.

About free bets in South Carolina

Free bets in South Carolina aim to attract more customers to place their wagers on sports betting sites by offering them other bonuses. Many of these bet types are available for first-time customers who have made their initial deposit into their wagering account.

The terms and conditions vary from one sportsbook operator to another. It will depend on how generous these operators are. These sportsbooks also establish the terms of the bet incentives based on their specific goals for handing out these bonuses.

While some of them may give away these rewards to attract prospects, others will offer them to earn the loyalty of their customers. With these free bets, they are expecting that the customers will continue to bet more.

Free bets explained

In the world of South Carolina online sports betting, free bets are those bonuses that bettors can use to place their wagers without the risk of losing their own money. Even if you found yourself on the losing side, you don’t need to worry about any deductions to your personal account. This type of bet can provide a safe cushion for you during those times when the odds are not in your favor.

On the other hand, they are also like a windfall for those bettors who will gain the upper hand. These lucky bettors can turn a profit without the need to deduct anything from their own coffers with these free bets.

However, you also need to consider some watch-outs surrounding this seemingly free money. As with other free money like lottery winnings, some bettors can become careless in spending them. In their excitement to gain more from these free bets, they tend to add more of their own money on top of the given bet bonuses when placing their wagers. They also do not put much thought into their choices as they usually feel that they have nothing to lose anyway. When this happens, many of these bettors also lose part or all the money that they added to the free bet wagers.

South Carolina online sportsbooks that offer free bets

Free bets are regular promotions at online sportsbooks to attract new players. Promotions tend to change on a regular basis in order for the betting sites to stay competitive. The sites below tend to offer free bets regularly, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

  • FanDuel – FanDuel is a well-known sports betting app. The sportsbook operator is well known for its generous and recurring bonuses. All customers are welcome and given opportunities for great sports betting. This app has competitive pricing for all its offerings. It also provides risk-free rewards on same-game parlays, props, and many more bet types. The app also has its own live-streaming collaborations.
  • BetRivers – The BetRivers app operates under the Rush Street Interactive (RSI) company. The app is well-known as it is always included in top lists. With BetRivers, you can enjoy weekly promotions and an exclusive rewards program. The app has more than 20 sports that you can choose from for your bets. It also provides same-game parlays.
  • DraftKings – DraftKings is another popular sports betting app based on its mentions in various top providers’ lists. Crown Virginia Gaming, LLC owns the app. DraftKings is known for its satisfactory live betting section. You also have a chance to get same-game parlays. On top of this, it also provides dedicated apps in iOS and Android formats.

How to get a free bet in SC

There are many ways on how you can claim sportsbook free bets in South Carolina. Many sportsbook operators provide various ways on how to claim them in the state.

One way to claim sportsbook free bets in South Carolina is to register for an account on their online platform. You can then complete their registration process to be able to fund your account and receive the matching free bet.

You will need to provide your name, address, birthday, gender, and other required personal information. Depending on their know-your-customer (KYC) process, the sportsbook operator should be able to immediately verify your account with the information you provided. For those with stringent KYC processes, they might need to request additional documents before they can confirm your account.

After they verified your data, you can now start to deposit money into your betting account. You can also refer to the various free bets bonus codes on the online platforms of these sportsbook operators. Some operators also opt to email the codes instead of posting them online.

Once you get the bets’ bonus codes, check also the required deposit amount and other terms. You will need to meet these requirements before you can claim your free bets bonus. Most of the sportsbook sites will require you to deposit a certain amount before you can claim your bonus bet.

You can bookmark these suggestions or write them down in your journal. This can enable you to easily remember how to claim a free bet in South Carolina once you start participating in sports betting activities in the area.

Types of free bets available for betting sites in South Carolina

You can find a couple of free bets options on various betting sites in the state. We explain some of the best options in the sub-section below.

Risk-free bet

The risk-free bet is one of the free bets in South Carolina that you can take advantage of. With this type of bet, you will get a refund of the amount you wagered if you lose a bet.

Most of the time, only registered bettors can avail themselves of this offer. This type of bet usually excludes betting on totals, handicaps, and additional bet markets. This type of bonus can be only used by itself, and not in combination with others.

In most cases, this free bet is not really risk free as not all will be returned to you. You could get a site credit or another free bet, but these might be less than the value of your wager. Expert bettors usually refer to this as reduced-risk bets as some risks are still present.

Stake not returned (SNR)

When you get a stake not returned, a free bet bonus, you will get a chance to place a wager without any risk to the money you already own. However, the stake for this bet type comes with limitations. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of using this bet on any betting odds you want in most cases. However, the sportsbook operator will not throw in the stake that they gave you if you emerge victoriously.

As an example, you can place a wager using a free bet with a maximum stake of $50. Then, you opted for an odds of 1.50. With this setup, you can claim $25 only when you win.

Sportsbook operators typically offer an SNR-free bet as a way to welcome new bettors on their platforms. Usually, they will require you to make a qualifying bet.

In almost all cases, the maximum stake should be equivalent to the bet’s amount.

In many scenarios, sportsbooks operators can dictate the lowest and highest range for your first bet odds. For those requiring a qualifying bet, this just meant that this wager should be made with the funds from your account.

Qualifying free bet

Another type of sportsbook free bets in South Carolina is the qualifying free bet. This bet requires several conditions that you need to meet before you can claim it.

The sportsbook operator might need you to place first a specific number of bets. They might also require you to wager a certain amount within an agreed duration first. Another condition that the platform might require involves placing a wager on a particular market or event. As an example, the operator might require you to place your bet on who would make the first goal score in the football event of the season.

You can claim a qualifying free bet if the particular event you wagered on does or does not happen within the terms set. For instance, if you bet on a specific football player to score a goal, and he was not able to, you can then claim the free bet.

Bet refunds

Sportsbooks operators provide bet refunds if certain forecasted conditions will happen or not happen during sporting events. As an example, they can refund your bets if a football game remains goal-less during the half-time mark.

You can also opt to place a wager on the exact score of certain games such as e-sports. Some sportsbook operators will even give you a refund if you guess wrongly. This bet bonus cannot be combined with other promotions. It also usually comes with many other terms and conditions.

Deposit bonus

One of the most common sportsbook free bets in South Carolina is the deposit bonus. You can receive it once you make your first deposit. Most sports betting platforms also continue to give deposit bonuses to their existing customers if they reach certain designated deposit amounts.

You can obtain the promo codes for the deposit bonus-free bets from the sports betting sites once you register an account. Once you have the correct promo code for the deposit bonus, you can input it in the corresponding field to claim the bonus.

If you need more information on how to claim a free bet in the state, you can also refer to the casino brochures and website of the sportsbook operators. You can also obtain more details from these sources on specific bet codes that you can use to claim these bonuses.

Wagering requirements for free bets in South Carolina

Just like for all bonuses, wagering requirements differ from one sportsbook to another. When taking advantage of any bet, it is important that you confirm with your specific SC sportsbook on the terms and conditions. This information is usually on display on the front page for each bonus listed. Or, you can also visit the promotions page.

Requirements might include a wagering time frame which is usually a maximum of 30 days. A general condition is that the reward itself cannot be withdrawn, but only profits generated from using the reward in bets.

You will also have to place a specified bet or complete a set rollover. These are all requirements that if not completed can prevent you from earning or cashing out your rewards.


Do all online sportsbooks in SC offer free bets?

Yes. All online sportsbooks in SC offer free bets at some point or another. Their free bet offer may vary though depending on their goals in offering these bonuses such as customer retention or increasing revenue. They usually select from a combination of these types of bonuses: stake not returned, no risk free bets, qualifying free bets, bet refunds, and other types of bonuses.

Can I take the money instead of using the free bet?

Yes and no. This will depend on the specific terms and conditions of the sports betting providers. Some require additional wagers before you can claim this money. Others will not allow you to take the money. They will require you to use the money to place bets only. Usually, these sportsbook operators will not allow free bets to be exchanged or withdrawn.

Can I bet on anything I like with a free bet?

No, providers of sportsbook free bets in South Carolina typically set certain conditions that might prevent you from betting in some games. It will also depend on the type of bet that you will receive. Some free bets such as bet refunds will only allow you to bet on certain game conditions that the sportsbook operator placed.